Sometime in 1984 Rev. Bruce Pate baptized me into the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, naming me Anna Elizabeth Adams, and my liturgical  journey began. My name means grace, and I’m  still growing into it. Following the footsteps of St. Anna, the mother of Mary, I’m hopefully traveling “upward and inward” toward a long glimpse of the beatific vision. But I have a long way to go. I’m an odd mutt-breed of Wesleyanism (the United Methodist variety) and Roman Catholicism, with a hefty dose of Orthodoxy and probably a pinch of Calvinism thrown in. I’m hoping this makes me a Catholic Christian in the best ecumenical sense of the word. It also makes me crazy. But I suspect mild crazy-ness is the mark of genuine commitment to the family of God, so I try not to whine about it too much.

Wading in Water

Wading in the Atlantic Ocean

I’m currently in my first year at Notre Dame working towards Ph.D in Liturgical Studies with a minor in the History of Christianity. I did my Masters of Divinity at the Divinity School at Duke University and a masters of Theological Studies at Notre Dame and have been blessed beyond belief through worship and study at both institutions. I’m not a genius, by any stretch of the imagination. I’m a pretty ordinary girl, but I hope that with God’s grace I’ll be useful to Christ and his Church. I’m obnoxiously committed to the idea that the church’s liturgy is a primary means of participation in Christ’s revelation of God to humanity, as it goes on through the Holy Spirit, and I’m pretty sure it bears more thought and consideration than most people realize. Ultimately, I’d love to not only spend my life immersed in the liturgical life of the Church (both the one that existed in the mid fourth century and the current one, it’s all the same family) but also help priests and pastors think more broadly, deeply, and theologically about how worship constitutes their congregations. After all, whether we are in lay or ecclesial ministerial positions, we owe God’s people the best.

I study a lot. I really love chocolate and all good food. I’m a Notre Dame football fan of the zealous variety as well as a huge Duke Basketball fan. I adore old hymns (pre-1800; Chant is also very nice.). If I’m not studying, you can usually find me curled up with a romance novel (i love them), enjoying friends, or outside adventuring around Indiana- this is a beautiful new place I’ve found, with the most bizarre weather I have EVER encountered. Thunder snow is real, and I can now witness to this reality. I love movies, particularly old and odd ones and real life adventures of all stripes.

Katie, Joelle, and I

Myself (center) with friends Joelle (right) and Katie (left)

I’m still learning about the Church, the world, and everything in between, and I’m delighted to share my discoveries here. It’s all just so fascinating. Please don’t steal my work, but feel free to borrow anything from this blog that is helpful to you or your church. I’ll do my best to credit my sources on this site as well, so you can find them, read them, and love them as much as I do!

Anna E. Adams

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