A Hermit’s Soup

January 1, 2012

First: a host of happy holiday greetings, friends! Happy solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God, a very happy eighth day of  Christmastide, and happy secular new year! Sorry if that last one sounds a bit odd, but this is a liturgy blog, and I most unfortunately am a “scary liturgical terrorist” so I feel like I should stick to the liturgical year and we’re a month in at this point. So wishing you happy “new year” didn’t seem right. Anyway- take you pick of which day you’re celebrating, and I hope it’s a very happy one and that you’re all very blessed in 2012!

My parents gave me this awesome cook book for Christmas:

I tried one of the winter soups tonight, “A Hermit’s Soup.” It’s pretty basic, but delicious! so I thought it’d share. I made mine a little differently, so I’ll give you the real recipe and then tell you how I made mine so you can enjoy your own on some cold night, if you’d like! I’ll also tell you that it pairs very well with fresh sour dough bread. I didn’t try it, but I imagine it would go well with a nice red wine, if you’re not home alone or not actually trying to be austere and if you like a good Chianti.

A Hermit’s Soup: 
1 potato
1 turnip
half a small cabbage
2 carrots
1 onion
3 Tbsp. oil of choice
1/3 cup rice
2 qts. water
salt and a pinch of thyme to taste.
Wash and trim vegetables. Cut and slice them into tiny pieces.
Pour oil in a soup pot, add vegetables, and sauté for a few minutes Add rice and water, stirring well. Cook over low heat for one hour. Add salt and thyme just before serving. Stir well and serve hot.

I made several adjustments, but it still worked. Which is good, because it means the real thing must be amazing. All the grocery store had were huge cabbages, so I used only 1/4 of the cabbage. So I can try my next soup which also calls for cabbage and not even need to buy another head of cabbage! Yay frugality! I don’t like turnips so I left those out, and I didn’t have rice on hand so I left that out as well. Also, since I exercised a lot today and am trying to take better care of myself I added beef broth, instead of water, for extra protein. IT WAS DELICIOUS. I’m going to try to stop by the grocery store tomorrow and pick up some rice, which I’m sure will only improve the taste. I may also try adding just a few pieces of stew beef (again, protein. We don’t want any hermits with eating disorders!). If you like veggies and a good hot soup, this one’s for you!

Much Love for the New Year,

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