Setting Straight the Record

April 26, 2011

After some discussion of blogging with friends, I feel the need to clarify my purpose here at Eucharistia. Please do not become confused; this is not an entirely academic blog. I’m not trying to get around the peer-review process or skip important steps for publishing really smart things. While there will hopefully be thoughtful discussion and well informed thoughts here, I don’t mean these to be finished, polished products, but I’m hoping for corporate works in progress.

Think of this as a holding tank for things in my brain and in my heart related to liturgy and links to insights that other people have posted online. Said holding tank has glass walls so you can see inside and there are cool nets nearby (think of the fish department at pet stores) so that you can fish out the helpful things.
Some things you might find in the holding tank include:
-Papers from time to time, usually because friends have asked that I pass along info that I learned researching for a class. Often my pastoral buddies don’t get to spend days (and days and days and days) hunting through old liturgical manuscripts or newer liturgical Wesleyan sources or scouring every corner of the internet for interesting things (while procrastinating on studying the old liturgical manuscripts).
-I like to post liturgical resources I find online, or helpful worship hints for friends* to use and enjoy, things from which they can learn, or delights at which they can laugh.**
-Personal reflections may abound. Do not be alarmed! I know my feelings are not academic arguments, and I warn you not to use them as such! (Seriously: bad idea. I love to be informative, but my personal reflections aren’t normative.)  But part of theology and liturgy is sharing our faith walks together as friends, and this includes reflections- so please share yours, I’d love to hear from you too.

Also, I just like to share what I learn with other people, which means whatever you find here will come (increasingly) with a large dose of personality, I’ve not enjoyed trying to blog without talking like myself. And since I’m making this clarification, I’ve decided I can have my personality  in a non-academic format. If we can’t laugh together, we’re probably not going to get very far in this endeavor.


P.S. Please don’t punish the liturgies and resources you find here, or write them off if you don’t find me delightful. Try to enjoy that part no matter what.

*Foes may also use things I post, though I begrudge you using my resources, foes. No, not really, I don’t begrudge you using whatever you need (without plagarizing any undoubtedly fun ideas you’ve seen).  Use away, this is how I plan to lure you into being my friend again. If you’re this far, my plan is working.

** I’m a terrible gramarian. That was my attempt at not finishing a sentence with a preposition. It sounds funny, but the rubric says no, so, it will simply have to sound funny.

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