The Standard “I’m sorry” Post

October 5, 2010

Dear wonderful people who bother to check this,

Please forgive the fact that I pretty much never actually write for it. Please know that I do think about writing for it, and then I end up feeling guilty and doing school work instead. Please also know that I have made many resolutions to “blog tomorrow” over the last few months and will continue to make them in the coming weeks and months. This may not actually indicate an increase in blogging, but I wanted you to know all those things for the purpose of the future so that I don’t perpetually post an “I’m sorry I never blog” post in between each substantive post.

I really do plan to post the Jonah liturgies and the Methodism paper. The paper, however will definitely require a good bit of editing, but know that it’s still in my brain and I feel terribly guilty for not putting it up here yet. But it’s coming! One day?

Grace and lots of love,

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