Summer 2010

May 29, 2010

Ok, it’s summer, and I’m going to renew my efforts to blog my liturgical thoughts and tidbits. Some things to look forward to on Eucharistia for Summer 2010:

1. The Jonah Liturgy is coming! In one of my courses this past semester I put together a Triduum order of worship (both contemporary and traditional) allowing Jonah to serve as a lens to engage the death and resurrection of Christ. I stole this idea from the early Fathers.  I’m currently cleaning them up, etc: but they are coming! Disclaimer: You are welcome to use these in your parish but please don’t publish or claim these as your own, they aren’t. I worked really hard on them. Also- All music and artists will be linked with their webpages so that you can find them easily and buy their wonderful worship music to use with your own congregation.

2. “We Believe” : Evangelism sermon series & prayers for mission explicating and engaging the Apostles’ Creed and reclaiming it for evangelicals! I should go ahead and lay my cards on the table: I’m an evangelical… But if we’re going to proclaim the faith (which we’re all up for), we have to know and responsibly share the content of the faith. The early Fathers and Mothers of the Church devised just such a content of faith: the Apostles Creed! The Creeds were never meant to be recited: they should be affirmed and proclaimed. That’s what they’re for.

3. Thoughts on John Wesley and Worship: for all you Methodists out there! What’s in John Wesley’s Sunday Service? What did he find indispensable? What did he cut out? And for heavens’ sake why to all of the above. A few answers and a few more questions to come.

4. New Books! I’ll be sharing my summer of novels with y’all via their connection to the liturgy and worship.

5. It’s Summer: adventures and pictures to come!!

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